Ethereum explodes: What is behind the crypto-boom?

The followers and investors of many crypto currencies are at present once again in high spirits. Because the courses screw themselves from day to day on new monthly highs. All in front is at present the probably most well-known Kryptowährung after the Bitcoin: Ethereum.Now many investors place themselves the question, …
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Invest in bitcoin. Investing in Cryptocurrency

Investing in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin – Is it worth it for me?

Many people these days ask a frequent question. Is it worth investing in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? Due to falling interest rates and weak stocks, alternatives are being sought. Investing in Cryptocurrency or buying Bitcoin can be worthwhile, as the overview with pros and cons shows.Against the background of the headlines …
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Crypto Wallet, Blockchain, Mining - the most important terms for crypto currencies

Crypto Wallet, Blockchain, Mining – the most important terms for cryptocurrencies

Crypto Wallet, block chain, cryptocurrency mining, crypto exchange, marketplace – in this guide you will learn the most important terms around the topic of cryptocurrencies. So you are well prepared to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. and to participate in the development of cryptocurrencies. Crypto currencies – Not only speculative …
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How to buy Bitcoin Cash

How you can benefit from the Bitcoin boom in several ways

Bitcoin is considered one of the most volatile asset classes. In order to benefit from Bitcoin boom as an investor, the following points should be noted. Bitcoin Boom – Knowing risks and avoiding common mistakes In 2019, Bitcoin let investors shine with an annual high of 13,829.07 US dollars per …
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Bitcoin trend prediction

Bitcoin on the road to recovery: Is the trend now moving upwards?

After a sharp drop in price of around 60 percent within a very short period of time, Bitcoin was able to fight its way back slightly in the days of trading. Now some factors even speak for a sustainable bitcoin recovery. Bitcoin lost around 60% within four weeks FED ensures …
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